Monday, 16 February 2015

Studio Visit / ALLGOOD

Today I visited ALLGOOD design studio to have chat with them about the possibility of a work placement. I met the owner Paul and had a chat about my work. I had to show my portfolio and discus each project explaining the brief and my response. Paul said I will be able to do a week placement with them so I will be hearing from him soon. They are really busy at the moment so the placement won't be for a few weeks so I will wait a while to hear from him then I will be following it up to secure a date. I liked the look of the place as it was small and had a small team of three which I think I would like to work within as I am better in smaller groups and fins it more enjoyable when talking about ideas. I like the work they produce as its simple but has impact which is similar to the kind of work I want to be involved in. He also gave me some good advice about how I could improve my portfolio as well such as expanding on my ideas and development stages of a brief. This is something I will be addressing in the future, so, overall it was a successful day. 

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