Saturday, 28 February 2015

Self Branding / Development

I have started by making some notes about me as a person and as a designer, then some of the collateral I could produce for my branding. I think the main things to design are:

/Business Card

Logo Development:

I don't like the logo I used last year so I will be creating a new one. Im not sure wether to use my full name or an icon.

I experimented with geometric shapes to represent my initials. I tried a few variations but felt it wasn't really working so I decided to move on.

Here I tried using negative space in logo with some possible colour choices.

I still didn't feel like the design was strong enough and represented me so I thought of using my first name created from shapes. I think using my first name is more personal and I enjoy creating things out of shapes in my work.

It took a while to get the letterforms looking right but I am now happy with the result. I think it has impact and represents me and the kind of work I like to create.

Final Logo:

Business Card:

I will be sending my business cards off to get printed at Moo so I can have some professional looking cards as I think this is important in portraying a professional appearance.

I want to keep the design fairly simple and not over complicate the look.

I tried a few layouts for the cards with new colours. I really like the blue colour and have ordered some stock samples.

Out of the samples I ordered I like the blue and orange so I will use them as the main colours with white through the branding.

I like the large image above the best and will use this for my final card design. I think it best represents me and the kind of design I like as it simple and stripped back.

I have printed the design to scale to check everything looks ok before I send it off to print.

I am really pleased with the final outcome and was impressed with the quality.

Invoice / Letterhead:

I have used the same template for the invoice as I used last year because I still like the design however I have changed it abit to accommodate my new logo.

Above is the final designs for the invoice and letterhead. 

I have written a cover letter that I will use when I am applying for jobs. This will be send in a pack with a promo piece of work and a creative C.V.

Promo Design:

I didn't want to send a booklet with some examples of my work so I will be creating a piece of work to send them with my cove letter and cv. This will be more of a collectable item for them to keep.

I want to create something with the laser cutter that ties in with my branding.

I had an idea to create a typeface to accompany my logo that will be laser cut out of three laters of card that matches the colours of my branding.

The letters in my logo will be black and the rest blue with the yellow/orange card as the top layer.

Final Design:

The right is how the design will look once laser cut.

Laser cut files:


After reviewing everything I had done so far I decided to rethink the designs as I felt I could do better.

Updated designs:

I went back to the old logo I did because I felt it better represents me with the negative space and geometry.

I decided to use the stock i used last year and keep the designs similar but more refined and simple.

I sourced a moleskin notebook off the internet which was similar colour to the stock and glued a blue inlay inside so i could stamp it with the custom stamp I have ordered.

At the back of the book there is a pocket so it gave me the idea to create a planner sheet that fits inside.

For the purpose of photographing I have decided to just show one month of the planner. this will save me money and stock as i only have a limited amount.

This is the stamp of the logo. I will use it on the stationary.

This is the net for the envelope. I will print it onto the stock and cut it out by hand.

The photographing went well and now i am in the process of editing them. 

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