Monday, 27 October 2014

Crit 1


Today we had our first group crit and I was wanted feedback for my Groove city website brief. The feedback I received was really useful and constructive. 

I have applied some of the suggestions made in the crit. One suggestion was to include the year above the gig dates. I originally had social network links at the top and bottom of the page but it was suggested that one set would be sufficient, so I have changed it so they are just at the top. It was also suggested to have the full band name somewhere near the logo to make it clear. I haven't changed this yet but I will be testing it out to see if it works. It was also suggested to make the links move to the top of the page so they are always visible when scrolling. This is a good point but it may not be an issue as the pages will not be that long. The final comment was to have a submission section on the contact page. I was already thinking of doing this so its good to know other people think the same. I was asked if I am going to make the design responsive, I wasn't going to but I think it will be a good idea to as most websites nowadays are responsive.

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